Week Two

Spirit and Soul Coaching




Next we delve into the energy of the water element. This traditionally represents your emotions; so this week is all about clearing and cleansing your emotional self. Don’t be concerned if past or present emotional issues come to the surface or occur this week...all is not as it seems as what happens this week is can spur a deep, inner awakening....it’s all part of your healing process .Don't be surprised for anything to do with water to come up!


As your body is made up of over 75% water I want you to concentrate on the water both around you & within you.

It is especially important this week that you drink plenty of water. Drink it with positive affirmations & see it every cell & every part of your body being filled with new life Keep on with the new health regime and make sure you are eating foods that are good for you including raw foods

When you shower or bath be aware of the cleansing & purifying aspect of water .remember that it is also a good way to cleanse your energy field. Visualise the negativity, guilt, resentment etc. in your life as it goes down the plug hole


•We will explore your emotional life

•Evaluate your relationships

•Communicate from your heart, especially the things you have been afraid to say

•Follow your intuition

•Explore your dreams and their meanings

•Examine childhood issues

•Encourage your inner child to play

•Embrace your childlike wonder from an adult perspective

•Explore & enjoy the spirit of water in as many ways as possible


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