Week Three


We are all connected to the earth & our Earth Mother so I have divided the four parts into the elements.


Part One

Days 1-7 are devoted to Air and are to clear mental debris.

Part Two

Days 8-14 to Water and to connect you to your emotional self

Part Three

Days 15-21 to Fire and are to clear the shadows around your spiritual self

Part Four

Days 22-28 to Earth to help you strengthen your physical self

If you can start it either at the time of a full or new moon for the best effect.

You will need to be totally committed & to spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day but preferably an hour.

In addition I am asking you to make:

•a written sacred contract and sign it

•Create an altar

•Do daily affirmations

•Keep a daily journal

•Listen every morning and evening to ask your soul if there is anything you need to know

•Meditate for 15 minutes a day


Now you are ready to start on a wonderful journey to the centre of your soul Enjoy it !

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Spirit and Soul Coaching




In nature, fire has the ability to dramatically clear a landscape, yet the aftermath is new growth. During fire week don’t be surprised if you experience a powerful in clearing. Tapping into your spiritual light often entails facing your darkness, so don’t be surprised if anger and irritation come up to you this week. This is not bad; in fact it is good as your emotions are rising to the surface so that they can be released. Fire is also related to your life force, the spark of your life and the pure light within you. It also represents vitality, action, movement, taking risks transformation and of course changes.

This may also be the week that many breakthroughs will occur. It’s the time to begin to change old, limiting patterns and habits routines and habits can lock you into repeating negative cycles in life. Often we react to situations because of preconditioned responses based on outmoded ideas about ourselves, rather than the true yearning of our soul. So even tiny modifications in your routine can help you transform your definition of self.

One of the most important ways to change your life is with action. We often hesitate to take action because of fear- fear of success, fear of failure or even deeply buried subconscious fears. File week is the time to objectively look at your fears and also take action to overcome them. Don’t be surprised if unexpected events or spiritual insights occur during this week, they are just moving you forward into the expanded energy of who you are

Each morning during this week focus on the fire around you and within you as soon as you wake up. Light is an aspect of our so if there is any sunlight in your bedroom imagine that your breathing in this wonderful light and its power. As you meditate focus your awareness on the interplay of light and shadows in your surroundings

During Fire Week

•Change your routines and habits

•Take risks

•Activate new creativity, maybe take up a new hobby

•Meditate on your bright, wonderful inner light of who you really are

•Listen to any inner voices, signs or synchronicities that are due to branch out into new directions

•Face your shadow self

•Examine your fears

•Access your spiritual allies

•But above all have fun


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