Week One

Spirit and Soul Coaching





Welcome to this amazing life changing course. I am so pleased that you have made up your mind to really look at the whole of your life and what you want from it.

The course has been split into the four elements as we are all connected to the earth and the world as what that means .Each part can be done in a week but like every week may be done over whatever period it takes to do it. The idea of this course is to tailor it around your needs .However; you must be committed for it to work properly.

I also suggest that you buy yourself some notebooks to record your thoughts, another for your dreams and of course ,.You may also like to record the meditations for your own use

With the daily affirmations, it is important to do them, but if what I have suggested doesn't resonate make your own up


This week when you first wake up concentrate on the air around you. Take a deep breath breathe it in .If you can go and spend a little time either outdoors

Take deep breaths with each beath in self acceptance and on the out breathe breathe out self –judgement. If this is your time of day do a simple meditation on the breath.

During this week I suggest you read poetry, inspirational stories, listen to soothing music, the sound of nature, go on a media detox to support your mental process. Keep everything calm

During this week you will;

•Assess and evaluate your life

•Clear out your clutter,mentally

•Organise your home or office space

•Make commitments that empower you

•Do the things that you have been putting off doingc,this includes taking up exercise,going on a diet.It is important to detox our body as well during this course

•Make plans to do the things you really want to do

•Pay or schedule payment of outstanding bills

•Organise your papers/answer emails or letters /return those phone calls

This week is probably the most time consuming so it’s fine to take longer to complete it


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