Week Four


We are all connected to the earth & our Earth Mother so I have divided the four parts into the elements.


Part One

Days 1-7 are devoted to Air and are to clear mental debris.

Part Two

Days 8-14 to Water and to connect you to your emotional self

Part Three

Days 15-21 to Fire and are to clear the shadows around your spiritual self

Part Four

Days 22-28 to Earth to help you strengthen your physical self

If you can start it either at the time of a full or new moon for the best effect.

You will need to be totally committed & to spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day but preferably an hour.

In addition I am asking you to make:

•a written sacred contract and sign it

•Create an altar

•Do daily affirmations

•Keep a daily journal

•Listen every morning and evening to ask your soul if there is anything you need to know

•Meditate for 15 minutes a day


Now you are ready to start on a wonderful journey to the centre of your soul Enjoy it !

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Spirit and Soul Coaching



Earth week focus is on your physical environment, nurturing yourself and your body and connecting to the earth itself. All the solid forms around you, including your own body are part of the, physical realm. We are all connected to Mother Earth, all parts of her world wide web. All ancient and indigenous peoples understood that everything you see and touch, every stone every tree, all the creature’s great and small are connected to the body of Mother Earth. This is why, I have already taught many of you, the simple exercise of grounding yourself. This is especially useful when you are feeling a little out all sorts, disconnected to those around you. It literally means imagine yourself as a great tree and from your trunk putting down roots right the way through the earth on to you reach the centre of the earth.

This week we will focus on your connection either relationship to that physical reality and our connection to Mother Earth. Some of the things this week will be more serious other things will be more fun and I really encourage you to spend as much time as you can out in nature.

This Earth week is a grounding of all the stuff that has come up in last three weeks. It is also the time to gain clarity about what kind of life you desire and deserve for yourself. And if you want this is a very good week to start sculpting your body through diet and exercise as well as well as your life

Try for the next seven days all have been a long it takes you can do this part of the course that when you first wake up, focus on the physical nature of your environment. Notice the shapes and textures are the objects around you and get a sense of the solid physical nature of your body. Also observe how you relate to and identify with the physical universe

During Earth Week

•Become more connected to your body

•Attend to your health

•Detoxify your body

•I understand how to use your body's psychology

•Connect more fully with nature

•Create a home for your soul

•Take action brought positive future


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