We are all connected to the earth & our Earth Mother so I have divided the four parts into the elements.


Part One

Days 1-7 are devoted to Air and are to clear mental debris.

Part Two

Days 8-14 to Water and to connect you to your emotional self

Part Three

Days 15-21 to Fire and are to clear the shadows around your spiritual self

Part Four

Days 22-28 to Earth to help you strengthen your physical self

If you can start it either at the time of a full or new moon for the best effect.

You will need to be totally committed & to spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day but preferably an hour.

In addition I am asking you to make:

•a written sacred contract and sign it

•Create an altar

•Do daily affirmations

•Keep a daily journal

•Listen every morning and evening to ask your soul if there is anything you need to know

•Meditate for 15 minutes a day


Now you are ready to start on a wonderful journey to the centre of your soul Enjoy it !

This amazing course is available to you for the incredible price of £199


" I have more confidence than I have had in ten years"

"The issues with my father have been resolved "

"I have let go of the hurt that I had for my ex husband"

"I have learnt how valuable meditating is"

"The issues I had as a child no longer serve me as an adult"

"This on line course has changed my life in so many ways"


Workshops on Spirit & Soul Coaching are held regularly in Northamptonshire and Leicstershire.

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Spirit and Soul Coaching

Are you ready to take a course that will change every aspect of your life?

A course that has had life altering consequences for every one of the people who has taken it over the last two years, all over the world.

Are you willing now to seriously personally develop yourself?

It is an intense programme that will give you an in-depth cleansing, clearing and detoxing of all areas of your life; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. It is important to follow all the steps in the order they are given & not to skimp over to further areas of more interest.

This course can take as long as you like to complete and with it comes both online and Skype fortnightly mentoring from its founder Hilary Richards or one to one personal sessions if required.

This programme is for you if you want to know:-

•Who you are

•Why you are here

•What your mission is


It is also designed for you if you are ready to start

•Putting your needs before everyone else’s

•You love yourself

•You love living the life you were meant to live

•You want to know your soul’s purpose

•You want to live your life in a peaceful ,loving way and are willing to take the daily guidance given to you by your guides.

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