Spirit and Soul Coaching




We all know about life coaching and how it can change our lives


Spirit and Soul Coaching takes you that bit further ,deep inside you and releases and moves you forward on your spiritual path.

Spirit and Soul Coaching teaches you to finally listen to the messages that your soul has been telling you for so long

That moment when you wake up ,that eureka moment of "I have finally got it!"

We all know of that future goal we are striving for,that somehow never really comes to fruition

That future goal that you feel you have to fulfil before your real life can begin,such as owning a home,having a baby,writing a book etc

All the time you kept waiting for your happily ever after ,but there was always some obstacle in your way

Spirit and Soul Coaching and the course that follows teaches you how to clear out all the things that you need to and to learn how to get the message straight from your soul

It will teach you to stop waiting,stop the excuses and awaken to the fact that you are already living your true life but that life is never perfect and "happily ever after" isn't something that happens in the future


If you have been drawn to this website ,it is your soul that directed you here.

Come with me and learn how to stop living your life in accordance with the expectations of others

Learn how to love,accept,cherish yourself,take a deep breath and know that for the rest of your life you are being directed by the messages of your soul.

Accept yourself and know that within you is a place that is sacred,loving and whole,the darkness will be replaced by your true light

So now come with me on that journey,your grand adventure into the relam of your soul and begin to clear the inner debris from the darkest place within you,slowly but surely,stress and struggling will disappear as your never was never meant to be a struggle.

Softly and gently,you will find that love,inner peace and deep joy that will begin to radiate from you out to others and the universe

This is the essence of Spirit and Soul Coaching



"This course has changed my life ,I wish I had done it years ago" Anna Melbourne Australia

"I learnt how to move forward with confidence and clarity" John London UK

"I now can love and understand my parents " Pauline Manchester England

"I am really grateful for this programme and the individual coaching you gave me" Claire Northampton UK

"If you only ever do one course do this one .It was the best £199 I ever invested in myself " Paul Amsterdam Holland

For further information on buying this course email info@spiritandsoulcoaching.com or the parent company info@psychicreadingsandhealings4u.com




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